Saturday, 24 May 2014

Thoughts for a Saturday morning

At last this girl got to chat with her Master again last night. As she did so, she marvelled at the delights of Skype. Indeed this girl spent a lot of time on Skype last night since afterwards she also chatted to her friend destiny, but more of that later.

For a while, this girl chatted to Master fully clothed, even though He wasn't - but then he hadn't actually got dressed yet. This girl told Him about her day and other events. Eventually this girl asked Him about their conversation on Tuesday. The conversation when they discussed this girl's status as His submissive and when He asked her if she was ready to be His slave.

This girl was instructed to show Him her mark, which of course she did. He seemed pleased with it, even though it seemed to have worn off a bit during the day, despite the apparent permanent ink. At this point she also took off her top, she hadn't actually been wearing much anyway. Master quizzed this girl about the things she had been doing and the extent to which she felt that they were carried out for Him - this is something this girl wrote about yesterday on her journey page - she told him how much that was the case and described some examples. They also discussed a blog post this girl is going to write later, one which is difficult for this girl to do and which became one of her tasks for today. This girl imagines that He loves a slave who works out her own tasks! The second one will be more physical and was set by Him. It is to do with the final clear out of the spare room, one which can mean that this girl removes hubby from the marital bed once and for all.

Master knows that while this job was started last week, this girl might continue to procrastinate for a while if He did not suggest that she get on with it. What is more, pretty much telling her to get on with it this weekend is important. If this girl wants to be His slave then she knows that she needs to do it. She also knows this is part of His way of moving her along towards the marriage end, and this is something this girl really needs to happen now.

Finally this girl and Master got onto the topic of orgasms. She is now allowed to have as many orgasms as she needs until He returns from his trip, but is expected to tell him about them after (this girl has further clarified that details are required which will be fun). This girl wondered if she should restrict the orgasms going forward, but the look on His face told her that this was not what He wanted. This girl knows that actually Master believes it is good for His girl to orgasm as she needs to and this girl feels that she might have an increased need after all. It is just she needs to be mindful of the piercings so as not to become too sore.

This girl then spent a wonderful couple of hours with her friend destiny. We two girls are starting to get to know each other well and at present are both separated from our Masters. This girl is finding having someone like destiny around is becoming important to her, especially as they can offer each other a slightly different perspective and understanding on their submission to each other. While we are very different people in terms of our personalities, we are trying to get to the same point. This girl is learning to be less overpowering to people (though she didn't ever necessarily feel the confidence she seems to show), while destiny is learning to have greater confidence to take more control over certain aspects of her life. This girl thinks that the friendship they are beginning to share will only grow as time goes on.

Now this girl had better get out of bed and on with the tasks she must do today. After all she wants to know what her Master is pleased with her and that she is a good girl. His good girl.


  1. Wonderful post my friend. I love coming here and reading although I don't comment much I still read. I'm happy for you.

  2. Thanks for continuing to read my ramblings, plus your thoughts are always welcome. I am happy for me too :)

  3. Very nice post. I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts.
    In any case I'll be subscribing to your feed and
    I hope you write again soon!

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    1. Thank you and welcome to my blog, I look forward to hearing more from you

  4. *giggles as i read what i have already had the privilege of hearing about* It's such a joy learning more about you as our friendship grows. It is also quite comforting for me to see that, though i may be coming from the opposite side of the spectrum than you are, our paths still seem to take us down similar roads.

    P.S. *gives you a soft and knowing smile as i whisper...* and i already know you have that air of confidence you show but may not feel. *winks* but for me, that would be HUGE to have. i can't even fake it that often. *giggles* Plus i have to wonder about how many people seem to be confident yet in reality don't feel it inside. i have a feeling it is a very high percentage, otherwise it would be arrogance and not confidence right???

    i am sooooooo happy to be your friend and learn and grow along side of you and THAT i am confident in!!

    slave *~destiny~*

    1. Confidence is an interesting concept and yes I think you are right. I have always believed that especially at work I am just a good actor who hides her true feelings from those she has to face. I don't want to lose that ability but just don't want to be like that the whole time, especially when I have someone else around who can support me. Thanks for being my friend and so glad that we can support each other in the way we are starting to. xx