30 Days about me

Got this list from sin at finding my submission. The list is below and once I complete each day I will link it to the blog page.

2.       A favourite movie
4.       A friend I admire
5.       My hometown
6.       Best vacation spot
7.       A song for the day
9.       A close up of my day
17.   My family
21.   A self portrait


  1. Okay, I'm going to send you something I'm writing. Public won't do. You'll have to create an anonymous email account somewhere. Not google, not yahoo, something out of the way.

    It's about a nurse I once knew. Oh, and a few other people too. Including me. But really, it's about that nurse. No one else.

    Nothing kinky, nothing violent or non-consensual. Very ordinary. No one underage. And also very selfish.

    That's what sex is, you know, selfishness.

    Just publish an anonymous email address and I'll send it along.

  2. You can email me via the joolz button on the right hand side of the page, the address is an anonymous one.

    Are you saying the nurse was selfish? That I am selfish? That sex itself is selfish?