Friday, 30 May 2014

End of a difficult week - what this girl has learnt

This girl's emotions have been all over the place this week. It is still hard to imagine how it is that this girl can feel almost euphoric one moment and then anxious, afraid and tearful the next. What this girl has learnt this week though is that rather than always covering up her feelings and just trying to cope, there is usually someone in life who will help you through. Or of course share the good things in life.

The contact with Master has helped, even when we have discussed difficult issues. He is an amazing source of sensible strength to this girl. Plus His wry and often a little left of centre, sense of humour makes this girl laugh even when she is feeling down.

As this girl has mentioned before, she doesn't always find it easy to make friends. But suddenly this girl is making new friends in new ways. Ones who she doesn't have to hide certain areas of her life from. This girl is discovering a network of people who can support each other and share times, both good and bad.

Being there for family is easier when you are being supported by others, whether they are friends, family or Master. This girl's dad has deteriorated a little more, and yesterday was spent in a hospital trying to get his pain management sorted out (thankfully with success). While this girl was tired when she got home, she felt that something good will come of the day. In the past, given that hubby and son were home, she would have passed up the chance of an hour with Master. But having realised what is important to this girl's well being and to His, she didn't do that. As the relationship with hubby moves to yet a different phase - one where he has to recognise this girl has other important people in her life who are not part of his - that was an important step.

So the weekend approaches. This time this girl will mix getting things done with having some fun with friends and also with family. Tonight a chance to see a nephew and niece that this girl doesn't see often enough.

Then after the weekend, Master will be on His way home. For the first time she can be His slave in person.

This girl kind of can't wait for that, but knows she must be patient.


  1. One of the things l love most about Master is that He can make me laugh even when i think that is the last thing i want or can do. Sounds like this ended up being a valuable week for you....thanks for sharing your journey with us.
    hugs abby

    1. Thanks abby, I believe it has been :) xx

  2. how exciting - can't wait to hear what delights your Master has in store for you ava x

  3. "As the relationship with hubby moves to yet a different phase - one where he has to recognise this girl has other important people in her life who are not part of his - that was an important step."

    i can not tell you how proud i am of you for this statement... *hugs you so tightly* i know it's not easy, specially given the current circumstance with living arrangements, but you are right this is a HUGE and very important step for both yourself and even for him, so both can move on.

    *giggles hearing you describe your Master's humour, completely understanding*

    i am very very proud of you my friend and excited for you, as the days for your Master's return draw ever closer. *sighs missing my own Master and so ready to have a count down date, for the time i will be in His arms again myself.*

    1. Thanks destiny, you have been such a support and I hope I can continue to do the same for you xx

  4. Sorry to hear about your dad but glad you got things settled with his pain medicines. I'm happy for you and hope you get that much needed time with your Master.