Thursday, 8 May 2014

Sir's girl

This is now written indelibly on the girl's body, just above the little mound of hair she is growing for Sir. She will reapply the ink as it fades over the next few weeks.

Last evening Sir took this girl for His use. There was pain and orgasm.  He filled this girl's holes and He fed her (and not just with food). He photographed the piercings that He owns.

They chatted, but at the same time, both were a little reflective. On His return, this girl wants to offer more of herself to Him and hopes He will take more control from her.

The first track on the radio this morning was this:

Tomorrow both Sir and this girl will be leaving the country, but to different places. This girl will be back on Monday and over the next few weeks, while Sir is away she will blog as she wants and needs.


  1. Hugs. You will go through ups and downs. Blog. Let us remind you that temporary despondent feeling is not how you really feel, etc. You will get through it. How long will He be gone?

    1. Thanks Hs, I will - sooner than you think! He will be gone for just over 3 weeks.