Saturday, 17 May 2014

Getting this girl back on track

The last week has felt a long one, but this girl is determined that over the course of this weekend she will be back on track in all areas. Last evening this girl had the pleasure of speaking on Skype to her Master, all be it over a very dodgy hotel wifi system. This happened pretty much as soon as this girl had returned from work and put her into a very happy place for the rest of the evening and hopefully for the whole weekend. We chatted mainly about this girl and how she has coped this week. Also about the various tensions in this girl's life right now and how she is managing them. It is amazing that just by seeing His face and hearing His voice, this girl felt so much more settled. Essentially he could have been reading a book to her and she would have felt happy afterwards.

Filled with joy at having spent time with Him, this girl wanted to tell someone, but since no one was home there was no one to share her experience with. Until a little later that was when this girl had the pleasure of a Skype conversation with destiny. This girl has recently become friends with both destiny and her Master, and over the past week they have both been on hand to help this girl through some of her darker moments. It was great then to share such a happy one with destiny. She has written about the parallels and differences of our journeys on her blog.

Last night for the first time in ages this girl went to bed wearing her plug, and then when she briefly woke at 4am and didn't seem able to fall back to sleep she gave her master the orgasm she had requested earlier in the evening. Using a vibe over the clit is different since the piercing, this girl can report. The area is more sensitive and in fact for a little time, this girl had to keep moving the vibe away, but once in place it gave a wonderful deep orgasm which Sir would love to have seen. It also helped this girl then sleep well for the second part of the night.

Having just finished a leisurely breakfast and coffee in bed, this girl is now heading off for a bath and shave. After which she intends to re-mark herself - she admitted to Sir that she had let the original fade. Then she intends to wear her plug as she goes about her chores today to help her remember her submission and to think about her Master.

Hopefully then this girl is back in the right mood, and back where she should be.


  1. So glad you had the opportunity to speak with Him. Sometimes, I think Dom's don't realize that in situations like ours that we can understand and cope without the physical presence as just a little emotional presence helps ease our minds. A simple email/text here and there, even if a "you're mine" really does help calm those demons.

    Very proud of you. If it wasn't for the few subs who are constantly checking on me, I would never have made it through all this travel. So glad you have destiny.

  2. Thankfully He is keeping in touch much more than those first few days, but yes, having people who know what you are going through is such a help. Thanks for visiting here and commenting it means a lot.

  3. *smiles and hugs joolz* i am more than pleased to be a part of your support group. i honestly feel like you and i support each other without even really trying, at least so far that is what it seems like. Again i think that has something to do with us being at opposing sides of the spectrum yet moving towards the same ultimate goal of integrating all of our being into the more rounded and whole submissive, be we slave or sub. *smiles* Enjoyed our chat again today as well and looking forward to more in the future. Don't forget to ask Your Master about our "focusing" page idea. Mine said i may do it, He simply wishes to approve what i put in there since it will be quotes from Him, which i think is wonderfully fair.
    slave *~destiny~*

  4. Thanks destiny, I will ask him and i am also sure he will read it here too. I also enjoyed our chat last evening, and agree that we have a common goal, it will be fun getting there won't it?