Saturday, 1 February 2014

New phase - moving on

Life around here could have been rather dull if i had let it. After all, hubby is away more than he has been home, son has been visiting friends in California (though he got home earlier in the week). Faced with the prospect of just the computer or tv for company during these dark and wet evenings i chose my laptop.

i joined quite a while ago, but generally didn't use it. Firstly i wasn't looking for anyone and secondly i wasn't really chatting online - i had S to keep me amused quite a bit of the time. Last weekend though i bit the bullet and reacquainted myself with the site and began chatting in one of the rooms. I have to say that i have been having the most fun; chatting, flirting, scening and just laughing (sometimes until my sides split).  I know these places have something of a reputation, but i have to speak as i found and i have found myself a fun time.

One of the first people i chatted with, lives pretty near to me. He and i seem to have hit it off and have  spent lots of time over the last week getting to know each other online (in the chat and on yahoo). Today i plan to meet him for a drink.

I don't know if we will like each other in real life, or if (as has happened in the past) we like each other but don't fancy each other. But the chance of being allowed to explore my submission again fills me with excitement.

Now i am struggling to decide what to wear - should i dress in my usual Saturday stuff - jeans, sweater and boots, or shall i go for a red dress, stockings and a smallish heeled boot? I am erring towards the latter not just because of what we are meeting to talk about but because it is not every week i meet a man for a drink (even if this will be in the middle of the afternoon).

Now, i have the morning to wash my hair and get ready and later, i will report back to my blog on how it went. Here's hoping that there is something worthwhile to tell!


  1. Just me? have you got a safe call young lady? Damn it go with the red dress and have a flirty time.
    good luckxx
    ps I met Sir via Alt .com can you beleive! You are braver than I was though, I sent him on his way a couple of times before I started chatting! and then it was quite a time before we met for a drink. Ca't wait to hear all.

  2. Dress up! I still dress up when I know I'm seeing Sir that day, even if just for vanilla time. There is just something about feeling good about yourself for someone to admire.

    Enjoy the drink. Arrive before him and leave after him if you get any weird vibes.

    Have fun! Can't wait to read all about it.

  3. Thanks both of you. In the end i asked him and he said jeans were fine - didn't stop the groping post shortly