Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Mood swings, but coping

This girl is trying to prepare for the next month by coping better with her feelings. The highs lately have been very high, but then the lows are very very low.

It isn't anything very serious that drags this girl down either. It seems to be very little things. Last night it was coming home from my book club to find the curtains and blinds sill open, hubby asleep on the sofa, the kitchen in a mess. This morning it was hubby having a late start. It can be Sir not responding to my texts. It is stupid things.

This week this girl has been trying to focus much more on parts of the day. Using lists to get her through, concentrating on tasks - at work, at home. After a rocky start and grumpiness with Sir on Monday, this girl has been concentrating and trying much harder.  She has got lots done at work with another day to come tomorrow. She has hubby here tonight but feels positive. As Sir would say - Girl, it can be done.


The piercings are going pretty well.

The nipples are generally sore, but they are clean and dry and don't look as sore as they feel. The regular pain this week has helped to keep this girl centred. To remind her that she is submissive and that she has done this to please him, to enhance the pain and pleasure for them both and also for her. 

The clitoral hood, well that was most painful on the day and gives no pain. However this girl is already in a constant state of arousal. This will be the thing He uses to remind her and anyway, how will she forget if she is constantly wet!!!


The weekend approaches. This girl knows they will have fun. She knows it is their last weekend together for a while. But she knows managing her moods will be the key. Over the coming weeks this girl will need to focus to remember her submission and to control those moods. She will cope.


  1. Good luck on coping.And is the pierced clitoral hood keeping you constantly wet?


  2. Yaay Joolz
    congrats on the piercings, I too have them all done.
    after 8 months they still hurt once in a while, take salt water and drown your nipples in it, it will help with the healing and be careful getting them caught on things "ouch!!"
    as for the is cured the same day I'd say, i only felt the pierce and hours later i was out dancing!


  3. Joolz

    There is a thing called St. John's Wort it's an over the counter mood helper so you might want to check into using that for a short while to help with the mood.