Monday, 14 April 2014

Signs of commitment

The idea of piercings is not a new one for this girl. A year or more ago, S and this girl discussed the possibility.  This girl thinks that if he had been committed she would have gone ahead, after all it is something she knows she would love.

Graeme wants this girl to have her body pierced. This girl wants to have her body pierced.

This girl's body belongs to Him now and so, she would have those piercings for Him. There is little she wouldn't do for Him right now.

We are talking both nipples and clitoral hood.

But, this is important. On one level it is about having metal pushed through some intimate places, so that in itself is serous for the person who in reality owns that body. By the that this girl means the one who will suffer the pain, and of course ultimately the pleasure.

On another level this is quite symbolic.

Neither Graeme, nor this girl think that collaring are the right thing for them. This is not a never say never kind of thing, it is about what is right for their situation at this moment (taking account of other relationships etc).

Piercing though to both Graeme and this girl feels like a way He can proclaim His ownership and she can give herself more formally to Him.

When it is done, this girl will say a little more.


  1. Brave girl!! I'm envious. I have wanted to get my nipples pierced and my Sir does as well. So what's stopping us? I can't seem to fathom - and neither can he, the six month recovery no nipple piercings so far. Can't wait to hear about your Odyssey!


  2. The whole recovery is an unknown quantity since everyone is different, but I do usually heal well and it feels like now is the right time. I am sure I will have plenty to say about it all afterwards xx

  3. Please do share once they're done!! I have just been told I can get mine done in a few months and I'm so excited!!!


  4. Ive had my nipples pierced and loved it. I've never had the hood done though dont think I'd be brave enough for that one.