Monday, 25 February 2013

Riding Crop

It is time i spoke about the new addition to Sir's collection of toys and other possessions. The riding crop is something we spoke of for a while before he bought it. i mentioned the prospect of it here and it features as a word people who come here have searched for.

As previously described, it looks something like this. It looks reasonably innocuous, especially when it is used to stroke me.

Oh yes when Sir strokes my bottom, the tops of my legs, my pussy it feels wonderful. Smooth, cool, almost soft to the touch. Involuntarily my body arches towards it. i could be stroked with it all night. Of course, that isn't in the plan. He is just teasing me, getting me ready for what is to come next.

He then allows himself to pull back to allow it to whoosh through the air, perhaps hit an object such as the bed or chair. So i can hear its full force. feel the breeze, hear the crack. Then he lets me have it. Gently at first. Luring me into a sense that this is just a harmless object before he hits me harder (not as hard as he hits the bed or chair, but hard enough). i wince but of course thank him for hitting me in this way.

"Thank you Sir" i say. i am a grateful slut.

Thwack - again it hits me and again and again.

i wonder if this is what i want, but just as i do i feel the wetness emerge from my pussy from my clit. Almost as if he knows my thoughts he stops and feels.

You are wet slut!

Yes i am wet. What does he expect?

Neither of us go over board on pain. But gradually with implements such as the riding crop He is giving me more pain and i am accepting, longing for it.

That crop is an amazing thing. Sexually arousing, but painful. Yes wonderful


  1. Thanks for reviewing this...:)

  2. erm, sometimes when something lands on my butt and it doesn't hurt, it doesn't feel as good. so I'm with you on the "accepting, longing for it" bit.

  3. I totally agree they are. Master has one and it is a favorite of mine. Have a good day my friend.

  4. I am the I love the crop club! It can find the most amazing places!
    hugs abby

  5. Oh, yum....I love a well placed crop!!!

    Hope you are hangin' in there!


  6. Glad you girls like it too! Glad to have found something with so many dimensions!