Sunday, 22 September 2013

An evening together

The place he was staying, courtesy of work, was about an hour away. Certainly I was there an hour after getting into my car to get to him. I think that if we lived an hour from each other, rather than 2 or more, life would be much much easier.

He had a room overlooking a road bridge. This greatly appealed to his kinky side. He could stand behind me, touching me and finally pushing inside me while I bent over the top floor window. While a few hundred metres away, hundreds and hundreds of cars drove by. The drivers slowing for the toll booth oblivious as to what was going on nearby. 

It was a large room with a very large bed. We made good use of it very quickly. Riding him, he told me to 'fuck his cock slut'. Of course I rode him hard, moving myself up and down on him. 

Then on all fours, he was inside me from behind. Pounding hard into me. Just what we both needed. The best way to relieve the stresses of the working day. At last he pushed into my backside and he owned me again. We were connected as only we can. Wonderful.

Dinner, then watching tv together. I have to admit to drifting off a few times as I really was tired. But what a treat to spend time like this.

Then to bed. 

He stroked me, bringing me to orgasm. We both expected that we would soon sleep. But feeling his cock, I realised it was pretty hard and so, I found my way down to take it in my mouth. From there it was a matter of time before he was inside me again. Hard, hot and then cumming. 

It was just an evening after work, but it was very very special. It was how I would like more of my evenings to be, though I don't necessarily need to be in a hotel to do it. I just need to be living about an hour away from him.


  1. over the past couple if days,i've had the opportunity to catch up and read your blog.from the first blog post to this one, i've seen you change tremendously, not only in your submission and outlook, but in how you view yourself and how you let your husband treat you. you have a strong, resilient spirit. that's why you made the decision to go back to your Sir after being let go. you seem more and more content and at peace when with your Sir even through all these troubling times. things will work themselves out for the better, even if it doesn't feel that way on the beginning.
    Best wishes, ash

    1. Thanks for your kind words, and welcome to my blog. I think that my response deserves its own post. Thanks for inspiring :)

  2. An hour away or LESS! It sounds like a wonderful evening, indeed! Just what the nurses ordered!