Saturday, 12 October 2013

Life feels good

I haven't posted here for a few weeks. For once, it isn't because I don't want to write something, or because there has been nothing to say. It is just because I have been busy; and in a good way.

I spent part of last weekend with S. After a day of getting on top of home related things (Cupboard clearing part of the preparation for a new kitchen which gets fitted this coming week), I set off. For once, the roads were clear and within 2 hours (trust me that is good going), I was with him. We spent a pleasant evening with some of his friends - BBQ, wine and good conversation - in what will be the last evening out of doors this year.

Back at his we were not late to bed. We were both weary (he had been on a cycle ride during the day and I had as I said been busy in the kitchen), but a few kisses led to some touches and before I knew it, he was inside me. After 3 weeks, it was a wonderful feeling as he pushed inside and stretched me once again. Then as we moved together, as he made me cum and then as he pushed his cock into my tight tight ass. Finally as he came inside me, I felt a huge sense of pleasure and well being. 

In the morning S cooked us some very good scrambled eggs with toast - did I ever say how much he looks after me when I am with him? Yes of course, but it is worth saying that he is a great cook!! So much so that I don't really like scrambled eggs, but love his!!

The day was beautiful, more like summer than some summer days often are. We spent some time planning a geocaching trip. Then, went back to bed.

This time I put on some underwear. Stockings and suspenders, heels - his favourite kind of thing. Then lay in wait. 

Stroking me, he noted just how wet I was. Wet and wanton. Positioning himself so he could carry on stroking me, he made it clear he wanted me to suck his cock. I took him into my mouth, gradually taking him deeper. Somehow, I was in the optimum position and he slipped further and further down, yet unusually for me, I didn't gag. Not even once! All the time, he was working my clit, stroking me there, pinching and bringing me to the edge, time and time again. For the first time in maybe months I really let myself sink into those feelings. 

At some point, I requested nipple clamps. But he said he wasn't quite sure where they were, so applied a human version. There were moments over the next little while when I wondered quite why I had made that request, but as always there was a fine line between pain and pleasure and so pleasure won!

We spent the day out in the beautiful countryside not far from where S lives. Walking, chatting, getting my all time best number of caches in a day. Eating our picnic, drinking our tea. Generally enjoying each others company.

On the way home, it occurred to me that I am just pretty happy right now. Things with S are different to before.  I am not sure how, but they are and what is more they are different in a very good way.


  1. so glad you had a great time with Him. Don't you feel a sense of accomplishment when you were able to push Him past your normal gagging point?

  2. Definitely. It was so so special!!!

  3. Im so happy for u. As a friend said to me recently- we could name a million things that are going wrong for us, but isnt it better to just find the happiness in the place we're in right now?
    Hugs n happy 18 mths!

  4. Completely agree (and I could so easily list the things I am less happy about), with your friend. 18 months - hardly seems possible!! Glad things are good for you too xx

  5. You sound so content, happy and thats wanderful.

    happy to hear all is going well.