Wednesday, 16 July 2014

A short break

I am going to take a short blogging break while I consider the purpose of writing here.

For the past few weeks I have been a bit concerned that I have lost track of the reasons I started this, which was about my own journey to become the person I want and need to be. It is not about specific events or issues but about how I as a person manage and deal with them.

Master and I have discussed this, and I am going to take a new approach, to write in a different private place first. This is so that I can write freely, without worrying that it appears publicly on the web. Once I have cleared my head of some of the issues I need to do that with, then I feel I will be able to return, refocused.

I am still around, still reading, still here........


  1. I'm going to miss your posts. I completely understand why you are taking the break..... xx

  2. I agree with the above....please keep us posted as to how you are doing.
    hugs abby

  3. I'm going to miss your posts and look forward to seeing you back blogging again eventually.
    You've certainly gone through a lot of changes in the past .. I'm sure there is much to consider and reconsider.
    hugs~~~ n

  4. thanks everyone. I am here, just taking a short break. :)

  5. Take all the time you need. Settle what you need to for you. I look forward to your return my friend.

    1. Thanks Angel Blue, I am considering my return - just got to work out what to write....