Thursday, 17 October 2013

Random stuff

I have been commuting into London for a couple of months now. Generally the whole thing is better than I imagined and the trains a more often on time than I would have thought (probably 40% of the time). This is ok, since any lateness is a) not significant and b) not noticed as I work very hard when I am there (as you would expect).

I was reading Tori's blog   Which had me thinking about the stuff that just happens to me.

Within days of commuting I had got onto the wrong train, one that got me to the place I wanted by 15 other places rather than 2! Last night I did things the other way round. The train was going incredibly fast, I wondered for a few minutes if I would end up far far beyond where I wanted to be.  But no, just one station from my stop and then I travelled back one station and arrived before I would have if I had taken the right train - how cool is that?

I am having a new kitchen fitted this week. Tonight I have a new oven.

Tonight I managed to burn a very simple oven based meal. Pies and potato wedges!!!

Son came to the rescue and £20 later we had pizza and chicken wings (the latter he ate pretty much all of)

This weekend I am seeing S.

He is having my old cooker (one which I could never burn a simple meal in) and we are going to an apple festival.

I will have to report about that on Sunday.

Yes, life remains good even if there is a kind of burnt in smell around here, right now!


  1. Ooh hope the new kitchen being fitted doesnt cause too much chaos, we had ours done last year, it was the moving around of eveyrthing that i found the most hassle..although it was worth it in the end.

    good to hear life is good.


  2. So far so good with the kitchen. The worst thing is that everything is such a mess the whole time but as you say it will be worth it in the end.

  3. Joolz I just wanted to tell you that I enjoy reading your blog and your strength is an inspiration to me. Thanks!