Monday, 4 November 2013

New experiences

The world of Joolz moves on in a positive but maybe uninteresting way.

I was with S a couple of weeks ago and things were good. I think he had been reading my blog, because he reintroduced the nipple clamps and the riding crop. There is always something of a balance between pleasure and pain in these things but generally it would be true to say that an increasing amount of pain leads to lots of pleasure. Our relationship also strikes a good amount of balance. Friends vs sexual and DS benefits - who could complain? Not me that's for sure.

So I have been in France for 5 days now. On my own with no hubby. For the first few days I had friends here, but since Saturday, for the first time, I am alone. Do you know what? I like it! 

Despite the fact I have been here numerous times before, I have found new places. On foot, by car and a new thing for me, by bike. Egged on by S, yesterday I completed a very long (by any ones standards) bike ride. Ok, on the flat and in the name of geocaching. But when I reached the end of my ride to get my caches, I rode another 7.5k to get back to civilisation. 

I decided that I should have beer. People who cycle for 30k or whatever it was deserve beer. So after locking up my bike in my apartment bike shed, I went to a local bar. Sadly the usual draft beer was unavailable (this is off season, so I guess they are running stocks down), so the lady persuaded me to a bottle of beer. It went down nicely. But as I stood up I felt even more shaky than was expected after 30k. That beer was 7.5% proof!! Not surprisingly I needed a little sleep after my dinner.

Tomorrow, I travel home.

Normal life, but, all is well.

Hope to see S soon.


  1. I am so envious that you can sojourne to France on a whim! Geocaching...had no idea, thank the interweb for google. This sounds like fun..I looked up geocaching in my local area, things hidden as early as 2005. How could I not know about this activity. Maybe my age?

  2. What a turn my life has taken in the last 18 months or so! The apartment in France is like a dream come true, and is somewhere I can go to escape reality. I had to look up geocaching when S introduced me to it too. It is strangely compulsive and what's more has shown me places at home and in France that I would never have explored. All part of the new life. Not much sex here, not much D/s, but generally life it good and that's what is important I think. xx