Sunday, 5 January 2014

One to remember

After a Christmas, that in many ways I would like to forget, New Year was something different. Entirely different.

My New Year was spent with the lovely S, and he was pretty keen to make it something special for us both. Special and very different.

He had been working, and I had travelled down during the late afternoon. I arrived shortly after he got in. With no special plans we decided on a quiet evening, the two of us - with food, wine and some kinky sex.

A lot of kinky sex.

For this evening S was once again my Master, in a way he has not really been since the summer. I wore  stockings and heels as usual, but tonight I wore my collar once more. I had my nipples clamped. I was cuffed. I had my panties stuffed into my mouth. I was spanked with both his hand and the riding crop. I was made to lick his ass and balls and then I was allowed to suck his cock. He made me sit on his face and then he gave me the most amazing set of orgasms. I think that was most of part one.

Part 2 was later in the evening, and involved a little more wine and sex on the sofa, or with me knelt on it and then over it. The whole thing is something of a blur.

As midnight approached we cuddled up sipping sparkling wine. He announced that he wanted us upstairs having sex when midnight arrived. Knowing that my family would start to contact me at midnight, I was forced to switch off my phone.

So at midnight, my Sir had his cock inside my backside. He was owning me and I was definitely his slut. Which of course I told him - at his request.

For both of us it was the perfect end to the year and a wonderful way to start the next.

It was definitely one for us both to remember.

Happy New Year to you all.


  1. Oh Joolz, that does sound fabulous. I'm glad you both ended a very difficult year in a good way AND started the new year loved and owned.


  2. LOL....i was going to post what SirQ did....i know this has been a hard year year...i am so happy it had a much better ending.
    hugs abby

  3. Joolz, what a great night! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

  4. that sounded like a good post. if nothing else, it was better than Christmas eh?

    *hugs* and happy new year dear friend!

  5. Thanks guys, it really was a great night and just what I needed after the stress of Christmas! Happy New Year to you all xxx

  6. That was a great post . Talk about bringing in the new year with a bang!