Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Loving our lurkers

I have to admit that I hadn't planned to post here again, but hey, never say never.

Moving blog has meant I have lost both followers and those who stop by to read what I write. Circumstances meant I needed to be a little coy about my new whereabouts; these things happen.

But since this place still exists, I know that people still call by, lurk and perhaps read. No matter what any of us says, we don't just write for our own pleasure and what is more, we all started off as lurkers (I certainly did). It was the blogs of some of the other submissives around blog land than gave me the confidence to start this blog. They also helped me realise the person I was and wanted to be.

So, for those who still call by, thank you. The comments are always open, so please say something if you would like.

I have moved to here (it seems less important to keep it a complete secret now), feel free to lurk there. Or even better come and contribute, comment or become a follower. I am missing you! I really do love those who lurk!